LaMarre and Dancers

Movement is what we do.
Art is what we create.

Lisa LaMarre - Director


LISA LAMARRE is a contemporary modern dance choreographer and dancer focused on site-specific interdisciplinary collaborations, including live improvisation performances, and meaningful choreographed works. She is the director of LaMarre and Dancers and a principle member of the Great Lakes Ensemble. "My artwork is influenced by all things because I see movement (dance) in ALL things; however, I create to bring awareness to environments and subject matter that significantly impacts our community." Lisa works to bring dance away from the lofty stage and into the realm of everyday life. As a teacher, she works to enrich and inspire each and every dancer with superior technique, creativity, and fundamental values. Lisa has been on adjunct faculty at Wayne State University since 2011, and is a member of both the Michigan Dance Council and National Dance Education Organization.